I am an Instagram Educator
for the

hair and beauty industry.

I teach
hairdressers, salon owners and beauty professionals 
how to use

Instagram to grow their business.

Social Media Courses, Bite-sized Classes,
1:1, and Team Education

Viv is THE social media master! Everythi

I have spent more than two years teaching hairdressers, salon owners and beauty professionals how to use Instagram to grow their hair and beauty business.

I have designed Instagram courses for hairdressers and beauty professionals. You can choose from short bite-sized classes or The Social Club 12 week programme that goes deep into every part of content creation.

My courses educate hair and beauty professionals how to use Instagram to connect with your dream clients.

As an Instagram Educator for the hair and beauty industry I have worked with over 1000 hair and beauty professionals, I have helped them to get seen in their local community, get booked by their dream client, realise their dreams of joining art teams, and working as educators for their brands.


"Amazing course with Vivienne Johns. So passionate, motivating and very inspiring. Very easy to understand and broken down into bitesize chunks. Very approachable in terms of being able to ask questions and repeat steps. Such a polite and calm person to show you the way to where you want to be." Sangita Mistry

"The best Instagram course
for hair and beauty professionals!"

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Are you struggling to know if what you are doing on Instagram is working for you and your career goals? 

I can help you set an Instagram strategy to achieve your career dreams. I will give you practical and actionable advice to grow your Instagram presence in the Industry or locally


What are your career goals?

👉🏻Grow your client base

👉🏻Grow your audience

👉🏻Get seen and recognised in the industry

👉🏻Get seen in your local community

Do you want to learn how to

👉🏻Use Instagram features

👉🏻Plan effectively

👉🏻Create engaging content 

“I watched my posts and stories be re-shared by the brands that I used and I even decided to take the plunge and entered into a competition to become part of the Eleven Australia UK Collective. I then decided to book a 1:1 call with Viv and it worked! I got in!”

Lisa Carter @thecrowningstylist