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"I will help you understand how to make your Instagram work for your business"

I am Vivienne Johns, I am a hairdresser of 26 years and a former salon owner who gave it all up to teach Instagram to hair and beauty professionals.

I have been featured in Hairdressers Journal, Salon Business Magazine, Creative Head Magazine and The Good Salon Guide.

 I am part of the Hairdotcom Art Team, former award winning salon owner and a freelance stylist

I have worked on

The Voice UK and BBC Little Mix The Search.
How did I get these gigs?

Through Instagram.
My salon won numerous awards, attracted new stylists to the team, and saw tremendous growth in new guests to the salon.
How did we get noticed like this?

Through Instagram!


I am not one of those lucky early adopters of Instagram who grew their following overnight without trying. I was a very late starter!

I saw that my salon was struggling to gain new clients and  I knew I had to do something about it, I knew that thing was to grow our presence online.

I found I had an undiscovered talent for marketing, couple that with being a natural educator, I put the two skills together to teach other hairdressers how to use Instagram to grow their business and realise their dreams of brand endorsement and education roles.

In 2019 I started working for a business coaching group where I was the social media coach, this is where I cut my teeth on educating hair and beauty professionals to use social media.

In 2020 I launched my first course as 

The Hairdresser's Social Club!

Since then over 1000 people have joined my online courses.

I have tried and tested Instagram techniques that will help you with your branding, your content, and your hairdressing business.
Follower numbers are nice, but they are not a measure of your success on social media, some of the salons with the smallest follower numbers that I work with have the best engagement, meaning their followers are their true fans.



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