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What is The Hairdresser's Social Club?

The Hairdresser's Social Club is a community of like-minded ambitious hair and beauty pros who are harnessing the power of Instagram to take their business and their careers to the next level.

It all started when I decided to arrange an online course, to share my love of Instagram with my fellow hair and beauty professionals while we were in lockdown number 1. I launched the course and never imagined that over 200 hair and beauty professionals would book on to my very first course!

Through my own experience and experimentation, I have discovered what works and what doesn't work to grow your business and convert your followers into clients. I have worked with over 1000 hair and beauty pros to empower them to get seen and get booked by their perfect guests.

"I have a natural gift to be able take a difficult concept and make it easy and fun to understand, if you love myth-busting, Insta hacks and lightbulb moments, my courses are for you!"

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