Boot Camp is a pre recorded 4 session course, Boot Camp is essential if you are planning on joining the VIP 12 week course within the next 6 months.
You will get 14-day access to the Facebook group, you can watch the videos as often as you like. 

You can comment and ask questions. I will get a notification and answer your questions as you work through the course. 
In the videos you will learn,
How to use your Instagram profile to tell the world who you are and what makes you different. I will help you to understand the power of branding yourself and your salon so that no one will ever scroll past your post without knowing who posted it. 
I am going to help you stand out from the crowd.You will do that by understanding your perfect client, what they are attracted to and what they want to see on your grid.
You will learn about tagging the right people in your Instagram stories and posts to get your content noticed as well as hashtags, what hashtags to use for maximum reach.
I will give you the secret of my tried tested and proven engagement technique.
You will learn how to prepare and plan your posting to create a beautiful look to your grid.
You will learn how to create beautifully branded story content and my favourite apps.
You will learn how to monitor your progress and how to work out your engagement rate.
The course will take place over 4 sessions, each session are around 1 hour each.
When you purchase the Bootcamp recording you will get the link to the private facebook group where the recordings are housed. You will find them under TOPICS, start at Session 1 Part 1 and make your way through to the end. 
You will also see another link to a support group full of former Bootcampers who will happily help you with your questions. Please take full advantage of this group.

Boot Camp Recording

  • You may only join the facebook group from a personal profile and NOT a business page.

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